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Pasta with cockles - Pasta con berberechos

En honor a su nombre inspirado en la lingüística y para que no se quejen los lectores no hispanohablantes... el "punto de caramelo" publicará entradas multilingües a partir de ahora...(Mmmm, ¿Debería a lo mejor llamar el blog Babel?... ) La selección del idioma dependerá de la inspiración del momento...y quizás de como suene cada cosa...Ni se me ocurriría por ejemplo hablar de mariposas en alemán...("Schmetterling" que suena muy mal para lo que representa...). Claro, tampoco se me ocurriría quizás hablar de mariposas en un blog de cocina - sería demasiado cruel...¿no creéis?
Allí va el primero en inglés...

Ingredients for two pasta lovers:

250 gr. good quality Pappardelle (I used De Cecco egg pasta)
¾ kilo fresh cockles
A good “splash” of white wine (I used Albarinho – a strong and tasteful Galician wine)
30 - 40 gr. very good quality Jamón Serrano
1 large clove garlic
Olive oil (1-2 TS)
Salt, pepper and a handful of chopped parsley

I owe this recipe to my friend Laura, taught by a friend of hers. When she explained the other day the dinner she had, I felt a sudden “coup de cœur” and I had to prepare this dish within the next hours…I could not wait longer…and this is what I actually did…

No need to say that the most important thing in this recipe (as all recipes but particullarly this one that "marries" traditionally non compatible ingredients such as jamón with cockles) are first class ingredients. The better ingredients you use, the better results you’ll have. Be generous with wine (in quantity and quality) and use first quality pasta – if fresh and home made, even better.

Start by heating the olive oil in a big pan (choose a spacious one, as you will need to add the cockles later) and add the sliced garlic. Reduce temperature and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the jamón and freshly grounded pepper and cook for a few more minutes. In the meanwhile clean the cockles under running water and let them drain. Add them in the pan along with the wine and two pinches of salt, increase temperature and cover the pan; it is ready when cockles are open. If there is too much wine, just keep the pan uncovered a while until it evaporates a little but do not let the cockles dry. When finished spread the parsley all over the pan and adjust the seasoning. Combine immediately with drained hot Pappardelle. Sit down, light the candles and taste with a glass of chilled white wine.


Anonymous esparragus said...

Congratulations, dear! Great pictures. I will send your blog to my Belgian friend, the real author of this recipe and also a great cook.

Blogger coby said...

Ah, at last a recipe "I can read". Congratulations, my dearest star!

Blogger danieltellez said...

Oye, muy lindas las fotos de las recetas, muy buena pinta tienen todas.
Nosotros también ponemos nuestro humilde granito de arena al mundo de la cocina en

Pondré un enlace a tu blog en el mío. Un saludo desde Andalucía.


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