miércoles, abril 11, 2007

LA tarte tatin au caramel beurre salé – Tarta tatin con caramelo de mantequilla salada

J’adore la tarte tatin (avec ou sans beurre salé). I love the tarte tatin (with or without salted butter caramel). When I found this recipe I have not stopped thinking of it until I prepared it last Sunday. It was excellent. Bravo Clotide!
The tart was crispy outside and soft inside (mainly due to the contact with the caramel). The apples remained soft but entire and the perfume of salted caramel was overwhelming. This will become now one of my classics…My mother prepares a similar tart but she uses a sponge cake to cover the apples and used white sugar and non salted butter. This is excellent too, but I think that the next time I will introduce some changes…mainly regarding brown sugar and salted butter...
In this recipe I have used Apples Golden and brown sugar that, I believe, makes a big difference.
Enjoy it!